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Dolly Parton once said, “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” And she was right. In fact, many researchers and thinkers agree with her, and so do we. We use this philosophy every day when helping people find meaningful, fulfilling work because, as another quotable figure, Oscar Wilde, once said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” That wisdom reminds us that no one is better than you, at being you.


Building upon our last blog about the importance of knowing your “why” and your core values when it comes to business and partnerships, we’d like to share an assessment tool we use here at Staff Shop to ensure we are placing you in positions that don’t just match your qualifications on paper, but reflect and naturally fuel your core value energies daily. 


Resumes, cover letters and interviews reveal a lot about you and how compatible you are, but what they don’t do is tell us if you’ll actually enjoy the position and excel long-term. This is why Staff Shop uses the CVI™ (Core Values Index), a human assessment tool developed by Taylor Protocols.


We are one of the only chosen Canadian companies using CVI™ to assess potential candidates and match them to the ideal job. Using this increases our success rate – ensuring that our business partners are receiving the most qualified workers and that individuals are being matched with roles they are uniquely suited for. 


Core Values Index developer, Lynn Taylor of Taylor Protocols uses the tagline: “Show me who I really am and I will do something meaningful with my life.” It is with this in mind that we at Staff Shop use this highly accurate tool, with a 97 percent repeat score accuracy rate, within a five-minute assessment to reveal who you are and what you value most. 


How the Core Values Index works


When approaching Staff Shop to gain employment, you will be sent the CVI™ assessment to your inbox. This tool is our free gift to you, to ensure you are matched with the best opportunities possible. When taking the CVI™ assessment, you simply select the two words that you value most in each box, trying not to spend more than 10 seconds per box.


There are four energies in this algorithm, and most people are a combination of two. Your combination is called your “Contribution type,” which consists of your dominant and secondary energies.


The four energies with a total of 72 points combined are:


  • Builder – guided by power, supported by faith
  • Banker  – guided by knowledge, supported by justice
  • Merchant  – guided by love, supported by truth
  • Innovator  – guided by wisdom, supported by compassion


All four are equally important and often support one another. There are no winners or losers in this assessment. One energy is not better than the others, as they are all valuable in different roles. Knowing your point spread is the key to unlocking what drives you in life. This ties back to the concept of finding your “why.”


After you complete your assessment, your results will come to us and we will use your score to evaluate whether you are the right fit for a role, using the rubric of “High recommend,” “Low recommend,” and “Not recommended.” We don’t just assess our candidates using this tool, we help our clients apply the same factors to their decision making process. If a job seems suited for a Merchant-Banker (a Community Type), then we would recommend that type for the job. It’s not to say a “Not recommended” can’t do the job – it usually reveals that they won’t perform as well or more importantly, be fulfilled long-term. 


The right fit matters 


While you might wonder why any of this matters if you just need a job, at Staff Shop we don’t want our employees to simply survive – we want you to thrive. As cliche as that sounds, it’s true. When you work in a role that you’re not just qualified for based on experience and education, but one that also aligns with your core values, you will be operating at your highest level of contribution, and therefore on the road to reaching your full potential. 


For employers, a bad hire could cost you thousands of dollars – damaging your culture, brand and reputation, forcing you to start over. Get it right the first time. 


Contact to join us or hire us! You could find an exciting new career you hadn’t considered before. For employers, you will gain qualified candidates and secure the right fit for your organization. 


Try the assessment for FREE using this link: and feel free to pass it on to friends, family and colleagues. Let us know what you think via 🙂 


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