Staff Shop’s Purpose

We exist to showcase the value in people, bringing them together one event at a time.

Staff Shop Inc. specializes in Temporary, Direct Hire, Payrolling & Consulting Hospitality & Event Staffing Solutions – for food services companies, caterers, venues, hotels, large annual events and private clients across North America & the Caribbean. Our Front of House, Back of House, Promotional, Production & Facilities employees from junior to senior levels, provide the best staffing experience for our clients.

is what guides us.
is what fuels us.
is what inspires us.

The Staff Shop Story

Jennifer Menard
Founder & CEO I Director, Client Happiness
Alison Hernandez
COO I Director, Operations Excellence


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The Jennifer “Walt” & Alison “Roy” Story

In 2013, Jennifer Menard had the exciting opportunity to combine her two loves and create The Bagg Group’s first Hospitality & Event Staffing division – a new service offering for this staffing firm and a chance for Jennifer to put her business and relationship building skills to work. It’s no surprise that the division grew quickly and successfully. So successful, that Jennifer could no longer captain the ship by herself. As one of her mentors put it – “You are the visionary, the creative mind – the Walt Disney of this operation. But even Walt needed his Roy.” Jennifer was juggling business development, client happiness as well as the operations and efficiency side of the business, all while overseeing several initiatives at once for Bagg overall. It became apparent that it would be very difficult, if not impossible to scale without finding her “Roy.”

In the winter of 2017, through a chance casual introduction via a mutual acquaintance, Jennifer’s leader at the time, Geoff Bagg, met Alison, who was simply looking for his opinion and expertise regarding her next career move. He saw a “Walt & Roy” opportunity, and introduced Jennifer and Alison. Since then, Jennifer and Alison, or “Walt & Roy” discovered that they shared a vision and very similar values when it comes to life, and business. Together, they began to plan and strategize for the future. When Jennifer was given the opportunity to purchase the hospitality line as her own in late 2018, it was time for the Walt & Roy show to shine, and Staff Shop was born. Together, Walt & Roy look forward to making a positive impact in many human lives.

“Walt & Roy, how do you make a positive impact on humanity?”

“Be your best self first, then give back. We ask our employees to laugh, learn and help people daily, keeping our core values at the centre of everything we do;

FAITH is what guides us.
PASSION is what fuels us.
FREEDOM is what inspires us.

At the end of the day, we recognize people as the world’s most valuable asset. As a purpose-driven organization, there’s nothing more rewarding than celebrating how we have moved the needle in someone’s life.”

Look forward to working with you!