How Important Your WHY and VALUES are for Business and Partnerships

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How Important Your WHY and VALUES are for Business and Partnerships 


Holding ourselves accountable to the famous phrase, Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner”, Staff Shop’s core values underpin our way of life, how we manage relationships and how we make decisions. 

When you are riding on a glorious momentum, you want the ride to last. To preserve an indefinite momentum and success story, clearly defining a person and company’s WHY also known as true purpose, and effectively communicating that WHY is instrumental to realizing potential and uncapped opportunities. In critical combination with that, is living by one’s core values which defines the HOW you manage your business and partnerships.

Picture yourself in the driver seat and you either missed a right turn or you encountered a detour due to construction – *vroom vroom* don’t act fast and furious…yet! First and foremost, know what’s important and what your fundamentals are prior to making a decision. What do you value? Safety first! Enjoyment: which route will showcase the most beautiful view during the drive? Efficiency: I don’t want to waste gas so let’s find the shortest distance to my destination!  

At Staff Shop, FAITH guides us, PASSION fuels us, and FREEDOM inspires us – those values are what shape our strategy before action every time. 

To build and maintain trust in relationships, compassion, authenticity and transparency are must-have ingredients. If you’re able to genuinely listen and solve problems for people via your WHY and VALUES – people aren’t just receiving a product or service from you, they are benefiting from the experience gained. The intangible existence of experience defines your brand and solidifies the promise you plan to consistently keep with your audience. Both parties win – the experience serves as a competitive advantage and ignites a contagious spark within your business model and between your stakeholders. When people trust your value proposition and connect with your WHY, they are excited to go on the journey with you. 

Never compromise the values that protect you, your business and your partnerships – they are non-negotiable and only those who are equally yoked can truly be successful long term. When people and businesses are aligned, they genuinely care and seek opportunities to move forward while effectively identifying potential threats along the path. Instigate proactivity, alleviate reactivity.  

This is how Staff Shop differentiates their positioning from competition. Our WHY and VALUES are like oxygen – we use them to breathe and exhale a winning culture. Our slogan states the following; STAFFING SOLUTIONS BUILT WITH INTEGRITY & PURPOSE, for that very reason. 


“We exist to elevate people, business and experiences!” We don’t talk a big game. We walk it. And we celebrate our wins with appreciation and humility. We are Staff Shop. Join us in sharing your WHY and VALUES for a chance to be featured in future posts. 


Looking for more on this topic? We recommend reading Dragon Arlene Dickinson’s book Reinvention. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog; THE CORE VALUES INDEX – puts everyone in the right seat, performing and loving it!”


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