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“There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together, breaking bread together, is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences.” — Barbara Coloroso


As Canadians, we just celebrated Thanksgiving. It’s a time when we gather with loved ones and share food and stories and memories. The days are getting shorter, which means our inclination to stay in and cook at home grows stronger. It’s a cozy time of year. Nothing beats the aroma of something delicious simmering on the stove or desserts baking in the oven. 

Many of our favourite recipes come from our families. Things that have been passed down generations. So, in this way, food reminds us of who we are and where we come from. For others, a favourite recipe might be their go-to crowd pleaser. And of course, busy parents are always searching for things their kids will eat!

Sharing food with people we care about is like a love letter. It’s an unspoken sentiment. It’s a great way to warm your belly and your soul. 

So, this fall, as we shift into the holiday season, we want to share some recipes with you that our team has curated from their personal cookbooks. Staff Shop has a diverse team, with unique backgrounds and lifestyles. If you want to try a new recipe, we invite you to try one of these delicious tried and true dishes for your next gathering.

Below are the names of the dishes and the story behind them. Click the name of the dish to get the recipe.


Alison Hernández, COO:

Oma’s Rotkohl (Red Cabbage) 

This is a German side dish that my Oma used to make for every holiday. For me, a big family meal isn’t complete without this beautiful reddish-purple veggie on the side! My mom’s parents immigrated to Canada in the 1950s, and as they learned more Canadian customs over the years and their five children started marrying into the diverse Canadian culture, our meals became a fun blend of many cultures. Our Thanksgiving table usually includes the traditional Canadian turkey dinner, but with contributions from Chinese, Jamaican, American,  Mexican and other cuisines you see represented in our huge family. But there’s always a German flair if you look for it, and this Red Cabbage dish is a staple example. My Oma has passed but my aunts and now my cousins and I have learned to make the dish, and every Thanksgiving and Christmas we always ensure that someone is responsible for carrying this torch.


Chantal Porter, Staffing Coordinator:

Hungarian Mushroom Soup 

This recipe to me is like a warm hug. I have been making it since I can remember and always flock to it once the weather gets the slightest of chills. I don’t have any Hungarian in my blood, but we love to eat and all types of cuisines were welcomed into my home growing up. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.







Laura De Lorenzi, Marketing Coordinator:

Spaghetti Bolognese

My Nonna was an amazing cook, and her spaghetti bolognese recipe that has now been passed down to the rest of my family was one of her signature dishes. It’s so simple to make but is a delicious comfort meal to share amongst friends and family. This meal was made on so many occasions, my favourite in particular are the summers I would spend at her house. Sitting down for a fresh bowl of pasta at lunch, wondering how something so yummy could exist. My family makes this recipe very often, to honour her and remember that the best things in life are the simplest.




Jennifer Ménard-Shand, Founder & CEO:

BBQ Candied Ribs 

I was torn between Bannock – traditional survival bread for Indigenous Peoples, or Quebec Cheese Curd Poutine in the spirit of my First Nations Ojibwe and French Canadian heritage but I chose a crowd pleaser that gets 5 stars every time! There’s nothing like eating one crispy rib at a time that has been candy crusted on all sides with mouth watering sauce. Pair it with coleslaw and jalapeño corn bread for finger licking guests (or yourself) who keep coming back for more. Hot or cold, these ribs never go to waste simply because no one will allow it. A little high maintenance to prepare? Yes. But worth every flick of the wrist on the BBQ. 



Kim Patrick, Staffing Director:

Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers 

I think it is so special to us because it is unexpected. My kids love Captain Crunch and when I decided to adapt a recipe from my University days, they went crazy. They thought it was silly and strange then ultimately so yummy. For me it started out as nostalgia but then turned into a fun and exciting meal for my children. I don’t make it very often so when I do, they go nuts!






Mohammad Alqroum, Senior Staffing Manager:

Jordanian Mansaf

Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan and I can understand why. This Bedouin dish is fantastic. Mansaf is served on a large serving platter over khubz (Arabic flatbread) and rice. It is meant to be eaten communally, as part of a social event. Guests gather around the table and enjoy Mansaf, eaten with the fingertips of the right hand.






Nidhi Soni, Accounting Manager:

Mutton (Goat) Curry 

This recipe is my dad’s recipe, and he was known for his mutton curry in our whole family. This was a must dish whenever there was a family gathering and we all used to enjoy mutton curry with loads of family time. My cousin from the USA wanted him to come to the US and start selling mutton curry LOL. My brother now tries to imitate his magic and fill in for him but no one can beat my dad when it comes to a delicious mutton curry.





Rebecca Sepulveda, Client & Employee Care Concierge:

Lemon Raspberry Cake

My Grandma had this really old cookbook and most of the recipes included ingredients that are simple but taste like you’ve been baking for hours. I always smile at the smudged buttered fingerprints she left behind accidently on the pages she loved. This is one of my favourite recipes because it reminds me of her and you can make it with what you already have in your cupboard. I’ve adjusted and changed it from the original to make it my own.  

I make this cake when I have no time but want to give comfort to family and friends. 

This recipe is featured on my show called ‘Sweetartgal’ on YouTube. 


Belinda LeMay, Client & Employee Care Concierge:

Butter Tarts

In honour of my French Canadian heritage I will present the recipe of the butter tart. There have been many iterations of this recipe in my family.  Grandma Gertrude made what was called “Sugar Pie”  a single-crust pie with a filling made from flour, butter, salt, vanilla, and cream. My Grandfather Percy made the more classic version ( no raisins thank you). Here is the latest version of the family recipe “Butter Tart Bars” much easier than individual tarts, and no pastry to roll out! 





Brenna Pembleton, Recruitment Assistant:

Zwetschgenkuchen/German Plum Cake

German Plum Cake is something my mom would make every fall when plums would come into season. I have never found anything like it in any bakeries and always look forward to this dessert. It is a nice not-too-sweet dessert that is great for breakfast or just to be enjoyed for mid-afternoon Kaffee und Kuchen.






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“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” — Alan D. Wolfelt

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