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For the month of May, the team put on their workout gear and running shoes for an invigorating hike at Huron Trail, highlighting the company’s commitment to fostering teamwork, wellness and community among its members. 

The initiative was part of Staff Shop’s Social Meetup program led by Laura De Lorenzi, the company’s Marketing Coordinator. The team walked along trails; taking in the beauties of nature, chatting about life experiences and sharing in numerous laughs. A short break was taken to be guided through a meditation by the company’s Health & Wellness lead, Chantal Porter. Resting by the lake and surrounded by the sounds of birds, the team closed their eyes and focused inwards to their breath. It was a great way to calm the mind and get centred for the day ahead. 

“I always appreciate an opportunity to spend time with my team. We were able to have a moment of meditation by the water, listening to the birds around us. Being able to meditate outside in a peaceful environment is such a treat for me, not to mention enjoying it with my amazing colleagues :)” says Chantal Porter, Staff Shop’s Staffing Manager. 

Following the hike, Nidhi Soni, Staff Shop’s Accounting Manager, welcomed the team into her home to share in her Indian culture and cuisine. Guests were greeted with Aam Pann,  a tangy drink made from mangoes. It’s popular during the hot summers, particularly in Northern and Western India. To follow, Chaat was served which featured crunchy, soft, and fluffy textures, all smothered in tangy, sweet, and hot chutneys. At this point, the team was already full but of course made room for the main course which consisted of Idli; soft, light and fluffy steamed round cakes made with a ground, fermented rice and lentil batter. Dosa, a savoury crepe in South Indian cuisine made from a fermented batter of ground white gram and rice was also served. Both were paired with Sambhar, a South Indian stew made with lentils, mixed vegetables, tamarind, herbs, spices & a special aromatic spice powder. “Hosting my team over lunch at my house isn’t just about having them try out Indian cuisine and enjoy some delicious food; it’s about nourishing their spirits, fostering camaraderie, and creating cherished memories together around the table.”, says Nidhi. 

The event was a resounding success, with participants praising the experience for its positive impact on team morale, personal well-being and cultural diversity. It was a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and re-centre with aspects of wellness.

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