BUSINESS MYTH BUSTED by Staff Shop’s COO, Alison “Ali” Hernández: Do you need the Perfect Plan?

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“Progress is more important than perfection.” — Simon Sinek


Myth: You need a perfect plan, and then you can put it into action.

In the fast-paced realm of business, where decisions often carry significant weight, it’s easy to fall into the trap of overanalyzing ideas in an attempt to create the perfect plan. As the Chief Operating Officer at Staff Shop Inc., I understand the allure of meticulous planning. However, I’ve come to embrace a philosophy that it’s better to take action when your idea is 70-80% formulated rather than succumbing to the paralyzing grip of perfectionism. 


1.”Go as far as you can see, and from there you will be able to see further.”

My Dad and primary business mentor, always taught me to “Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther.”  I think he borrowed this quote from J.P. Morgan, but my Dad gets the credit for solidifying it for me. This idea is simple yet profound – you cannot create a perfect plan in the absence of action because you can’t foresee all factors until you begin to move. It’s like trying to steer a ship that isn’t in motion; you’ll only truly understand the waters and navigate effectively once you’re underway.

As a COO, the pressure to develop foolproof plans can be overwhelming, yet I’ve found that waiting for absolute certainty often leads to missed opportunities. The business landscape is dynamic, and factors evolve. By initiating action at the 70-80% formulation stage, you start to gain valuable insights that refine and enhance your plan. The iterative process of action and adaptation is the key to staying relevant and agile in a constantly changing environment.



2. Movement creates momentum.

Picture this: ideas flowing freely, inspired by the ongoing activities around you, contributing to a plan that is not just robust but dynamic. The catch here is that movement begets movement. When you’re immersed in the action, your ideas are more likely to sync with the current pulse of the industry. This synergy results in a plan that is not just your creation but a collaborative effort, picking up valuable elements from the environment.

To put it more vividly, think of your business strategy as a river. The water in the river is your plan, and the more it flows, the clearer and more powerful it becomes. It’s not about standing at the river’s source, endlessly perfecting the water, but about starting the flow and allowing the current to shape and enhance it. The most successful strategies are not stagnant pools but dynamic, ever-evolving streams that adapt to the landscape they traverse.



3. Strategize AS you go, not BEFORE you go.

Our Founder and CEO Jennifer has always shared with me this mantra, “Jump out of the plane and build the parachute on the way down,” which embodies the spirit of taking calculated risks and embracing uncertainty. This doesn’t advocate recklessness but emphasizes the dual capability of ideation and execution. It’s the recognition that you can refine and perfect a plan while actively implementing it.

In essence, it’s a call for efficiency – a rejection of the notion that ideation and execution must be siloed, completed sequentially. Instead, it encourages an overlap, a dynamic dance where strategy unfolds in real-time, shaped by the practicalities of execution. This approach aligns with a fundamental principle of good strategy: the smart use of resources, including time and focus.

What I hope I’m convincing you of, is to let go of perfectionism and embrace action and agility. As we navigate the intricate world of business, let’s liberate ourselves from the shackles of overthinking and analysis paralysis. Action, even when the plan is not perfect, is the catalyst for growth and success. So, let’s go as far as we can see, embrace the contagious inertia of movement, and remember, we can refine our strategies as we actively bring them to life.

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