A Phoenix from the Ashes: The FireFlames Story – and Indigenous Women-owned business.

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“I got hot sauce in my bag, swag.” — Beyonce, Formation


Have you ever searched for your ideal product, only to end up disappointed? For Staff Shop’s founder & CEO Jennifer Ménard-Shand, that product was hot sauce. She was specific about what she wanted and something was missing. So, in true entrepreneurial fashion, she decided to make her own.

The pandemic was a burden, but it did give many of us the gift of time. For Jennifer, it was time to pursue her passion for food, flavour and good ingredients. Her inspiration came from a homemade, authentic pepper sauce on her husband’s side of the family. She played around in her kitchen and tested one flavour profile after another until a vision appeared to brand and market a trinity of green, yellow and red peppers that pair well with all foods, and provide health conscious eaters with varying heat levels.  

The lesson here: when you see a problem, find a solution that will benefit as many people as possible!

This is how FireFlames was born.



A Love Story

This brand would not exist if not for two lovebird entrepreneurs, Jennifer and her husband Shane, who met while on vacation on a tropical island. Neither were looking for love, but found each other by fate. The name of this product line is the nickname Shane gave Jennifer when they first met: FireFlames. Together they share a passion for elevating the spice in their lives and sharing that made-with-love heat with the world. Love, mercy and peace are the core values underpinning their marriage and this product. 






A Healthy Option

Jennifer knew that if she was going to launch this brand, it would have to remain true to her values. She values authenticity, adventure, health, wellness and more, so these sauces had to be made using all natural ingredients with no preservatives. Other value-ads include; dairy free, fat free, gluten free, no added sugar, no artificial flavours, plant based and BPA free plastic. The best part of the packaging is the pointed tip designed to squeeze the amount of sauce you want with precision and without contamination or waste. 

And it gets better…this product is meant to be carried in your “bag-swag” to dinner tables, solving the problem of not being disappointed with hot sauce options away from home.





The Spicy Trinity Box Set

The first launch Dec 5, 2023, features all three hot sauces to ultimately gather valuable consumer feedback for scale in 2024.

First, we have the mild green pepper sauce called FriendlyFire and described as Green Pepper Peace. It’s made with a mix of Habanero, Thai Chili, jalapeno, Banana, Cubanelle and Long Hot peppers. There is also garlic, onion, vinegar, lime juice and sea salt to boast a unique flavour profile which is delightful on sandwiches, seafood and eggs. Useful for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Second, is our very special yellow pepper sauce named FruityFire also described as Mango Pineapple Mercy. This sweet and sour medium heat is a combination of Habanero, Banana and Hungarian peppers, mixed with mango, pineapple, vinegar, lime juice and sea salt. It’s the perfect hot sauce for chicken, pork, beef and usual side dishes.

Third, is a traditional red pepper sauce – FlamingFire described as Garlic Pepper Love. This is a blend of Habanero, Thai Chilis and Long Hot peppers mixed with garlic, onion, vinegar, lime juice and sea salt for the big kick hot sauce lovers look for. It pairs well with pizza (dip those crusts!) pasta, fish and more. It’s the hottest of the three and made for those who love to turn up the heat no matter what they are eating. 


The Gift of Flavour

While it is the holiday season, this trinity of sauces makes an excellent gift all year round. Whether you’re going to a housewarming party or a summer barbecue, FireFlames makes a great gift for the foodies in your life, or to enjoy all to yourself.

It always feels good to support small independent businesses and Indigenous female entrepreneurs!







How Can I Support FireFlames?

  • Order the Spicy Trinity Pack to try them for yourself!
  • You can also subscribe to the FireFlames mailing list to never miss details about new launches and products.
  • Follow the socials for quick updates! Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tik Tok.
  • Provide useful feedback to let Jennifer and the team know your thoughts on the products before they scale up!






Do You Have a Passion for Something?

Serial entrepreneur Jennifer Ménard-Shand is always eager to talk to other like-minded, purpose-driven people. Set up a meeting to chat about your passions. Contact us today.

Read a previous blog on how the pandemic forced Staff Shop to “never waste a good crisis” by working ON the business vs IN the business – similar to “not letting a good crisis go to waste” by birthing FireFlames 🙂 








“Dream big, start small, but most of all, start.” — Simon Sinek

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